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The Bosch Hackathon seeks to bring a league of supercharged developers, startups and game changers to build machines of the future. We’re moving towards a future of ‘Connected Machines‘, and this is your chance to disrupt, innovate, and turn unique ideas into reality. Massive prizes await you.

MEMS sensors

MEMS sensors

With all the senses

Faster, higher, farther – Shanghai is a city of extremes. But that doesn’t ruffle engineer Chen Jie, who takes us on a tour of the metropolis and demonstrates the big role that tiny MEMS sensors play in improving our daily lives.

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Annual Report 2015


The internet of things offers huge opportunities, and Bosch has set itself the goal of becoming one of the leading global companies in this field. Everything is becoming connected, everything is becoming simpler – in a nutshell, “Simply.Connected.” This year’s annual report shows how much is already being done in this direction.

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Find your Bosch software challenge

Find your Bosch software challenge

Ready to be part of something that brings impressive ideas to life? As a software specialist at Bosch, you can help overcome today’s biggest challenges and achieve great things. Just imagine your software driving autonomous cars, connecting factories and making life smarter.

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International women‘s day 2016

Bosch India wishes every women a very happy International Women‘s Day 2016. This year on Women’s day we talk about Gender Parity. Did you know that according to the World Economic Forum, it will take another 80 whopping years to achieve gender parity in our workplace, which equals four generations? Is there a way to accomplish gender parity sooner? Follow us to know more.

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